January 22, 2019

2015_09_24 Hyeon-hyeong-rung

2015_09_24 Hyeon-hyeong-rung (Seoul,

It is the place where Taejong, the third king of Joseon, and Hanryong, the ruler of the Queen Won Kyung Wang, and the 23rd Forbidden City and the Queen Wangbai, are combined. After climbing the Taemo Mountain trail along a well-laid out walkway in a lush forest designated as an ecological landscape preservation area in Seoul, you will meet Inryung first and then meet Hanryung. In-ryeong is delicate and beautiful, and you can also see the re-chambering of uninhabited and moon-inseok, which is the sum of Su-jung and Suun-won.

It is said that when Taejong was alive, the drought was so severe that he would 'rain down even if he died', so there is a wetland surrounded by a beautiful forest of alder trees. It is a royal tomb built over an interval of more than 400 years. It can be compared in one place from the beginning and the end of the Joseon Dynasty, and it is popular as an outing course combining history and traveling. Traditional folk playgrounds are held in the Lunar New Year, and annual festivities are held at the Daedeok KCM in Jeonju City.
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